GLWX Documentation Page

Welcome to the GLWX documentation page. GLWX stands for openGL Widgets Xcross-platform. GLWX is a fork of an existing project, SXML GUI 0.86. GLWX is released under the ZLIB license.

There are two ways to use GLWX:

You may read about both techniques in the following sections:


The majority of the GLWX API is found in glwx.h. This header file includes definitions of all the widgets in GLWX, as well as some pure virtual and helper classes. The concrete widgets are:

Widget layouts are described in XML format. All widgets (or their parents) must be contained in a single GUIFrame. At runtime the XML file is loaded using GUIFrame::loadXMLSettings. In turn, each widget loads its own settings from XML tags. Each widget implements the loadXMLSettings method. There is no single documentation of the XML grammar, it is recommended you read the loadXMLSettings method for the specific widget you are working with.

GLWX Abstraction Layer

The abstraction layer is written so that you may add GLWX widgets to your application without learning the majority of the GLWX API. There are only three classes you must use:

You must interface your application to GuiWrapper and then extend GUIEventListener to derive a custom event handler. The custom event handler will receive GUIEvent objects and then commands your application to react accordingly. For example applications using this format, read:

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